The lifeblood of the Garden's work are the VOLUNTEERS that demonstrate love by ensuring that unclaimed babies and small children of the City of St. Louis and surrounding areas are given a dignified and respectful burial.   Without these individuals, the Garden of Innocents mission could not be met.  There are no paid staff members.  Many (including the President) hold full-time jobs and have families with small children.   

The Garden of Innocents is always looking for volunteers willing to donate their time and talent to help promote the Garden's work.  Eventually our services for unclaimed babies and small children will expand to areas surrounding the City of St. Louis.  This will create an even greater demand for volunteers.  The following list identifies areas where volunteers are needed:

  • Burial (memorial service, music, floral arrangements, clergy, etc.),
  • Burial Layettes,
  • Casket building (woodworking, assembly, lining the casket, etc.),
  • Clerical (mailing, announcements, memorial service programs, etc.),
  • Fund Raisers,
  • Public Relations, and
  • Marketing.

The Garden also needs volunteers willing to lead an activity.  These individuals would work alongside a Board member coordinating various tasks associated with an activity.  This help is especially critical when it comes to burials because lead time can be very short (i.e., notification from the Medical Examiner's office regarding when a child is ready for burial may be only 1 - 2 weeks in advance).  

If you would like to volunteer, please sign up via our face book account here

Volunteering is just one important element to the success of the Garden's work.  The other is donations which help defray the cost of funeral expenses, maintenance of the garden, future engraving costs, etc..  If you would like to make a donation, please click here here to access our online Donation Form.  As always, in kind donations from funeral homes, florists, and memorial engravers are also needed and appreciated.