Nov 05, 2011   4th Annual Trivia Night Fundraiser
Mar 19, 2010   3rd Annual Trivia Night Fundraiser
Nov 25, 2009 Authorities plan to exhume child victim in 26-year-old murder case.
Nov 04, 2009   St. Louis Review October 12th Memorial Service
Oct 17, 2009   Friends of the Garden Appreciation Luncheon
Aug 20, 2008   KMOX "Voices of St. Louis" broadcast by Debbie Monterey featuring the Garden of Innocents.
June 7, 2008   Friends of the Garden Appreciation Luncheon
Jan 26, 2008   Garden of Innocent's 1st Trivia Night fundraiser raised over $6600.
Jan 26, 2008   2nd Toybox Dart Tournament to benefit the Garden, over $960 raised.
Nov 15, 2007   Garden's President presented Lutheran Family Children Sservices "Faith In Action" award.
July 28, 2007   Friends of the Garden Appreciation Luncheon
Nov 09, 2006   Enterprise Rent-a-Car Employee Volunteer Fair
Oct 27, 2006   ST LOUIS REVIEW "Garden of Innocents offers burial for littlest ones"
July 29, 2006   Memorial Stone Dedication Ceremony.
July 26, 2006   MID RIVER NEWS "Local woman helps provide last rites for the very young".
May 24, 2006   Angel Advocate Award presented to Wanda Sicking.
May 6, 2006   GOI Volunteer and Donor Appreciation Luncheon.
April 29, 2006 The Garden's 1st Charity Garage Sale in Historic Soulard Area. Cancelled. 
Jan 28, 2006   Toybox Dart Tournament held.  Raised over $1000 for the Garden of Innocents.
Jan 21, 2006   Distinguished International Academy of Nobel Achievement Award (DINA) by the Gateway Inter-City Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha.
Dec 19-23, 2005   St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office dress down week benefits Garden of Innocents, over $500 in donations raised.
Oct 24, 2005   ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH  "Charity buries bodies of unclaimed babies" by Michelle Munz.
Oct 2005   Garden of Innocents, St. Louis contacted by founder of Garden of Innocence National Organization.