G a r d e n   o f  I n n o c e n t s
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Garden T-Shirts are screen printed on high quality Hanes 50/50 cotton /polyester shirts that resist fading, shrinkage and wrinkling.  We recommend washing in cold water and line dry or use low heat in the dryer.

 Please provide contact information in case we have questions concerning your order.  This information will also allow us to notify you when the T-Shirt(s) have been mailed. 

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Quantity * Price  =Amount Size(s)
 $12.00    L (42-44) - T-Shirt
 $12.00   XL (46-48)- T-Shirt
 $15.00 2XL(50-52) - T-Shirt



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Garden of Innocents
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Any questions concerning your order, please email to "us".