Garden of Innocents, St. Louis
contacted by founder of Garden of Innocence National Organization

October 2005


Elisa Davey, founder of Garden of Innocence National  recently read about our Garden of Innocents-St. Louis organization.  Garden of Innocence National, a California based charity, performs the same work as our organization does in St. Louis.  She was moved to contact us and share her organization's work with us.   

Ms. Davey was unaware of our Garden of Innocents-St. Louis until she read our story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  Her organization was found in 1998 and since that time has helped many infants in California in addition to helping others establish Gardens in their respective states. 

Garden of Innocents-St. Louis is a small local charity that is not affiliated with Garden of Innocence National; however, we support the same work that Ms. Davey and her great organization is doing.  Currently, Garden Of Innocents-St. Louis only has funding necessary to operate in the St. Louis metropolitan area.   However, we are aware there are other Missouri communities and states that may be in need of Gardens.  

Ms. Davey and Garden of Innocence National is a wonderful resource for those that want to start a Garden, but are unsure how to start.  Ms. Davey and Garden of Innocence National are making great strides in bringing the plight of abandoned children to the public consciousness.  For more information, go to the Garden of Innocence National website.