Friends of the Garden - Appreciation Luncheon
October 17th, 2009

On October 17th, 2009, Garden Of Innocents held their annual Friends of the Garden Appreciation Luncheon at Miss Aimee B's restaurant in St. Charles.
The purpose of the luncheon was to honor the contributions of donors and volunteers that help the Garden carry out its mission.
Congratulations to all the award winners and everyone in attendance.

"Garden Angel" Award
is the highest honor presented to someone who exemplifies the Garden's core values of service and compassion.
        Kat Tebeau
                                 Naomi Hildreth
"Garden Grower" Award
is presented to individuals that make financial and in kind donations that sustain and grow the mission of the Garden.
Darlene Bequette                          Joe Neill


Recipients unable to attend:

 Beth Boyd, Nancy Winkler, John Steward,

Leonard and Diane Bacon.

"Angel Advocate" Award
is presented to individuals who have demonstrated a long standing and continuous commitment to the mission of the Garden.

     Sara Ann Beatty         Barbara Sansone-Smith             Jennifer Miles                       Deacon Peter Gounis                         Donna and Jim Tebeau

Recipients not present:  Dorothy Gardland, Debbie Monterey, Lawrence Rosen and Donald Weaver.
"Friend of the Garden" Award
is presented to individuals that are being recognized for outstanding volunteer service to the children of the Garden.
   Joe and Felicia Burke                 Mike Brancato                               Liz Gruenbacher                 Jennifer Brinker                         Marissa Burke

Recipients not present:  Hon. Robert Lowery, Sr., Bobby Brancato, Sara Brancato, Dominic Meoli, Sonia Trogler, Judy Lydon,
Michael & Nancy Nugent , Mark Kempf. and Pam Rice.