Friends of the Garden - Appreciation Luncheon
July 28th, 2007


On July 28th, 2007, Garden Of Innocents held the Friends of the Garden Appreciation Luncheon at Bella Garden Café in historic downtown St. Charles. The purpose of the luncheon was to honor the contributions of donors and volunteers without which the Garden could not carry out its mission. Congratulations to all the award winners and everyone in attendance.

"Garden Angel" Award
is the highest honor presented to someone who exemplifies the Garden's core values of service and compassion.
Celeste Burke accepting from Rebeca & Nikki

T. Greenley accepting for Don Weaver

"Garden Grower" Award
is presented to individuals that make financial and in kind donations that sustain and grow the mission of the Garden.

Tom & Julie Antoni

Naomi Hildreth

Leonard & Diane Bacon

Lawrence Rosen

Gayle King
"Garden Grower" recipients not present:
Jack & Kelley Becker
Charles & Sylvia Baechle
"Angel Advocate" Award
Recipients are individuals who have demonstrated a long standing and continuous commitment to the mission of the Garden.

Pam Rice

Dan Burke

"Angel Advocate" recipients not present:
Tina Brancato, Rose Psara, Rev. Mark Ullrich, Tom Kuehner, Elaine Eckert, Dan Francis, Midge Wilm, Mark Rice, Madelynn Kennebeck

"Friend of the Garden" Award
Recipients are individuals new to the organization that are being recognized for outstanding volunteer service to the children of the Garden.

Kat Tebeau

Judy Lydon

Sara Ann Beatty

Tina Greenley

John & Barb Guittar

"Friend of the Garden" recipients not present: 
Barbara Sansone-Smith, Patricia Kearns, Linda Blumenthal, Rev. Mr. Peter Gounis, Rev. Mr. John Beckmann, Katie Barbeau, Melli Zessinger, Cathy Gruebbeling, Julia Gleason, Rev. Rick Valleroy, Mark Koch